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Autor:  Hawk [ 29 gru 2009, o 08:47 ]
Temat:  Say hallo!

Well, we know each other kind of good in the polish part of forum.

I suggest, that you can say something, about you like

- who are you?
- where are you from?
- what could be interesting in your city/town

I'll start.

I'm student of Department of Intercultural Studies in Central-Eastern Europe in University of Warsaw, and I'm born and living in Warsaw (capital of Poland).

Warsaw is maybe not beautiful, yet interesting city. We have "Newest Old Town in Europe" (On the UNESCO list), why? 95% of Warsaw was destroyed during II World War (mostly in '44 when after Warsaw Uprising Hitler ordered to burn Warsaw to the ground). After that Warsaw Old Town was rebuild in the 50' from the Canaletto paintings (plans was burn during Uprising).
From, older things

Baroque palace in Wilanów, the residence of 17th-century king Jan III Sobieski.
Powązki Cmentary (Cmentarz Powązkowski), one of the four oldest cmentaries in Europe.
Jewish cmentary.
and beautiful Royal Bath Park (Łazienki Królewskie).

There are also many magic places in Warsaw, but they easily couldn’t be described, you have to find them...

Well - your turn

Autor:  Tay [ 29 gru 2009, o 17:09 ]
Temat:  Re: Say hallo!

"who are you?"
I`m Marta, I`m 19 years old.

"where are you from?"
I`m from Katowice. It is a city in southern Poland.

"what could be interesting in your city/town"
Katowice was founded in the 19th century and gained city status in 1865 as Kattowitz in the Prussian Province of Silesia. The city flourished due to large mineral (especially coal) deposits in the nearby mountains.

'The best of' Katowice (places you should see):
- Market square and adjacent streets
- Nikiszowiec - historical settlement of Katowice, candidate to UNESCO
- St. Mary's Church
- Church of St. Michael Archangel, the oldest church in the city, built in 1510
- Drapacz Chmur, one of the first skyscrapers in Europe
- Old train station in Katowice, built in 1906
- The Goldstein Palace
- Silesian Parliament, built in the years 1925-1929. For a very long time it was the biggest structure in Poland
- and of course Spodek - it is a large sports centre/concert hall, whose name translates as the 'saucer', from its distinctive shape resembling a UFO flying saucer

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