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The girl in „PM: LAW” arrives at our house at the age of 10. We’ll take care of her for the next eight years, watching her progress in studies and work. The most important information about our child are shown on screen that’s visible for most of the game’s time:

As you can see, the main screen very much resembles the main screen from „Princess Maker 2” – the daughter stands in the middle, on the right we can see some information about her. From the top:
  • name and surname
  • age and amount of gold
  • current diet, height and weight of our daughter and her measurements
Below that there’s a window with options to manage our child’s time and to take care of her. From left to right:
  • check status
  • talk to
  • set diet (normal, healthy, slimming, starvation diet)
  • daughter’s profile
  • visit town (available options: armory, tailor, restaurant, pawn shop, church, hospital)
  • visit the royal castle
  • inventory
  • game options (save/load/exit game)
To send our child to work or school (or to give her some free time), you have to choose the „schedule” button. Consecutive options are:
  • school
  • work
  • adventure
  • free time (available options: wandering around town and vacation)

Daughter’s stats – after clicking the “profile” icon, we can see our child’s stats. They are:
  • constitution
  • strength
  • intelligence
  • refinement
  • charm
  • morality
  • faith
  • sin
  • sensitivity
  • stress
Next to the main stats we can see information about our daughter’s :

Fighting reputation                   Magic reputation
Social reputation                       Housework reputation

Etiquette                                   Cleaning
Conversation skill                      Temperament   Umiejętności walki

Below we can see another table, where we can find her:

Fighting ability                Combat ability                Defense
Magic ability                    Magic attack ability        Magic defense