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The daughter

Just like in previous parts of ‘Princess Maker’, in ‘PM 5’ we will be able to talk with our daughter, shout at her from time to time or give her some pocket money ;) Like in other parts of the game, we can also decide on her education, observe development of her character and hobbies. Similarities end at this point.

‘Princess Maker 5’ is a game which action takes place these days. Our daughter attends a typical Japanese school (primary, secondary, high) and goes for her holiday with us in March (that’s when school year ends in Japan). Our child walks on the streets of a typical Japanese city, instead of some mysterious kingdom. However, she still gains friends and rivals, gets into trouble and provides us with numerous challenges ;) The game is much more sophisticated than previous parts, and as a result, we have a lot more options concerning our daughter’s education, her private life and career. It’s worth to look at them a bit closer.

Right after launching the game and completing the data about us and our daughter, we are moved to our child’s room. For the first time we can see it inside and watch our daughter sleeping, surfing the Internet, doing push-ups (yes!), talking to Cube or mooning around the room at times. Standard view of her rooms is presented as this:

In the upper left corner we can see information about day of week and month, and also current time (another novelty). A chart present at the moment of starting the game in the upper right corner shows basic information about our child:
  • endurance
  • will-power
  • stress
  • sensitivity
  • morale
The chart can be moved at any time to any place (just click the heading with left mouse button and drag the chart); we can also change order of our daughter’s features or scroll it (by clicking minus visible in its left upper corner). At the top of the chart we can additionally find information about our daughter, such as her name, age, blood group or Zodiac sign.

We can see detailed statistics of our daughter only once a week – on Sunday. It is also the day when we can save or read game, set our child’s plans, talk to her and learn more about her friends. That is a big difference in comparison to previous parts of the game, where we had access to options and statistics at any moment.

To see the game’s main menu we must point a red bookmark in the upper corner of the screen with the mouse.

Let’s see the bookmarks, starting from the top.
  • Statistics

    After choosing this bookmark we will see a screen informing about our daughter’s statistics. In the upper right corner of the screen we will see three crystals – clicking them results in opening new screens, each with different information on our daughter. Let’s start with the first one – pink:

    Left column shows level of:
    Right column shows level of:
    - endurance - charisma
    - will power
    - good manners
    - dexterity - attractiveness
    - intelligence - stress
    - love - sensitivity
    - morale  

    Additionally, there are icons presenting available after school activities and our daughter’s achievements at the bottom. Of course, at the beginning of the game, values are at zero level. When the game proceeds, number of icons increases – full package looks like this:

    Following icons show abilities:
    - fencing
    - hand-to-hand fighting
    - swimming
    - linguistics
    - analytics
    - music
    - dancing
     - acting
    - painting
    - cooking
    - fashion
    - being otaku
    - business

    We can add seven icons representing abilities of our daughter by dragging them into a window showing some of our daughter’s features.

    Let’s go back to crystals on chart’s upper toolbar – choosing a green one will bring a screen with statistics:

    Left column shows level of: Right column shows level of:
    - HP - magic attack
    - MP - magic defence
    - physical attack - accuracy
    - physical defence - evasion

    Additionally, we can find information about presently used:
    - weapon
    - armour
    - shield

    The third crystal on the statistics chart is blue. Clicking it results in appearing a screen:

    Left column shows:
    Right column shows:
    - daughter’s name - height
    - her age - weight
    - date of birth - eyesight
    - Zodiac sign  
    - blood group - breast (proportions)
      - waist (proportions)
      - hips (proportions)

    Completely new is information about our child’s eyesight. It may worsen during the game, so we must be alert and not only check on daughter’s weight but also her eyes to make sure if her vision doesn’t get any worse.

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