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Starting the game

Starting the Japanese version of "Princess Maker 5" requires two steps, exactly the same as "Princess Maker 4":
  • 1stly, install Japanese language in Windows (2000, XP, Vista). To do this, choose "Control Panel", then bookmark "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options" "Language and Regional Options" - in "Languages" select "Install East Asian languages files" window.
  • 2ndly, go back to "Language and Regional Options", choose "Advanced" and then Japanese from languages list. After that, restart the system and insert game disc – installation window should appear automatically.
After installing and launching the game, a board shall appear on the screen:

The first option means choosing new game, the second means loading previously saved game (during the first launch only one option is available).

If we select "New Game", a well-known from previous parts Cube greets us and a screen appears:

Now we choose our sex (for the first time we can be either mother or father for our foster child!). Option no1 is male, of course, the second one is female. When we’re done with this decision, another screen appears:

It’s time to choose our surname. We can use:
  • hiragana (default, blue highlighted option)
  • katakana
  • Latin alphabet (what a relief!)
  • kanji pictograms
Two options visible on the right are "back" and "next". The first one allows correcting possible mistakes, the second brings another screen:

Now, we choose our given name. The procedure is the same as above. After clicking "next" we move to subsequent option:

At this point we give our date of birth – day and month. Then, we must click a pink highlighted button "next", which leads us to another screen.

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