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Parent’s profession

In "Princess Maker 5", just like in the third part, we can decide on our occupation. The choice has influence on our incomes and liabilities (our debit balance can vary from over a dozen to thousands Yen).

Name of profession
Characteristics Bonuses
Sensei (teacher, lawyer, doctor, politician, consultant, interpreter, writer, mangaka etc.)
This is a stable, secure post. We get 50.000 Y monthly for our work.
Firm manager
At the beginning we earn 40.000 Y, after 5 years, however, our salary rises to 60.000 Y.
No High 
Civil servant
Not a very high, but stable salary of 40.000 Y. There is a possibility of getting a bonus each year.
Player can get a bonus of 60.000 Y (twice during the game)
Worker of a private business
he beginning is not very easy in this profession – we only get 30.000 Y a month. After 5 years of working we get a rise and earn 40.000 Y monthly.
Player can get a bonus of 80.000 Y (twice during the game)
Liberal profession (musician, sportsperson, journalist etc.)
No stable salary is the greatest drawback of this profession. Monthly income may vary from 20.000 Y to 80.000 Y
No Very low