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Princess Maker 5

In the newest (so far!) edition of ‘Princess Maker’ we can choose sex… of a parent. We can play as a mum or a dad – it’s our decision. Other goals don’t change. We become tutors of a little girl and are responsible for her.

I must admit that ‘Princess Maker 4’ delighted me with its graphics, but ‘Princess Maker 5’ really let me down. I wasn’t personally knocked on my knees by screens showing e.g. holiday frenzy of the daughter. Stylised pictures remind me of children’s colouring pages painted with crayons. The daughter doesn’t look natural; her red cheeks, which were probably supposed to make her look cute, seem to be attached to her face. But, hey, that’s only my opinion :)

  - PlayStation 2
  - PC
  - PSP

   Language versions:
  - japanese
  - korean  
  - chinese