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If Olive is fed up with sitting at school or working part - time, and in addition to that tires us with questions like “Dad,where do the monsters come from?”, we might give her permission to lollygag around the kingdom’s neighbourhood. However, we need to prepare her well for that expedition, providing her with good armor and trusty blade, as well as with martial or magical training. Wilderness is a dangerous place, where Olive will encounter monsters on daily basis.

Adventures are an important part of Princess Maker 2, almost like a game within a game. We might meet characters and pick choices that might determine aspect of our ending, find interesting items and apply healthy dose of golden coins to our treasure. Also, Olive’s behaviour during adventures might have impact on her overall personality; will she engage wanderers into polite conversations? Will she ignore them? Or quite to the contrary, will she attack innocent people and end up in jail for it? It all depends on our guidance, because during adventure, we are controlling Olive’s actions. Basically, adventure mode in Princess Maker 2 looks much like a jRPG.

Where can Olive go? We may guide our daughter to four different adventure spots:
  • Forest 
  • Desert
  • Lake 
  • Glacier
Let’s take a closer look at them. It’s worth doing, because every one of them offers some suprises ;)


Most beginner - friendly of all the locations. It’s the best place to start Olive’s adventures. Let’s take a look on the map (to enlarge, just click on it):

Interesting places are marked on the map. Just like in most of the other jRPGs, Olive will be pestered by randomly encountered monsters; she can either fight them, run away or hide (though she won’t always succeed in trying to avoid fighting).

1) If we had bought Unicorn Flute from Chinese Orc Merchant, we might be able to use it here. All we need to do is set camp here, choose option “use item” and play flute. Next day Olive will encounter a legendary unicorn; she might return his horn to him (which will also raise her sensitivity by number of 50), or refuse to do so (which will decrease her sensitivity by 50).

2) Talking about sensitivity; if our daughter is blessed with high number in this stat, camping here is pretty good idea for her. Why? Because she will be invited to fairy party! And because fairy parties are awesome, her cooking skill will raise, and her stress will drop to zero!

3) Another place where high sensitivity will be rewarded. Olive might met here one of the Elves, and trade some of her combat skill for magic skill bonus. Also, she may find chest with pretty sum of money inside.

4) Want to get here? Well, enjoy swamp bath then! It’s worth it though, because surprises here are nice. Two chests, one with 250 gold coins, and one with ancient milk, and not a very nice bandit whose head will grant us a reward. But beware, he is not always here, so you might be forced to check this place a lot. 


Be warned! This place is pretty dangerous; Olive may face here many powerful foes, goblins and dragons alike. And dragons are serious business, period.

1) Dragon Ruins are guarded by a Young Dragon. To enter, Olive needs to either bribe her way in (every single time!), or kick some scales. Second option is preferred, really. Why? Because while I said that dragons are mighty, this one is practically a pushover! And don’t be sad; he won’t be mad at you. To the contrary...

2) Lair of Old Dragon. Old Wyrm can spot matured beauty and will reward Olive for looking good, if she visits him after getting old and charming enough.

3) If we had bought Spirit Ring from Chinese Orc Merchant, it will summon Water Spirit here, who will ask for it. Agreeing will raise Olive’s refinement by 50. Also, in future, her Sensitivity will be boosted by 100 points, and we will gain 2000 gold pieces. However if she refuses, her sensitivity will be cut in half!

4) In this house lives Ket Shi, who will only meet Olive if she has an item called cat’s eye (we can obtain it by defeating wild cats in the forest - sometimes after winning a fight we get it instead of gold). In exhange for cat’s eye Shi will propose changing her weight or height. If our daughter is unsatisfied with one of them, it’s a pretty good way to make her happier.

5) This cave has two secrets. Firstly - setting camp here results in meeting the Prince of Darkness, Lucifon. Secondly - we can meet a demon, who expresses his interest in a certain pendant (of course, only if we had bought it for Olive beforehand). In exchange for it he will offer the Amulet of Circe (it’s propably related to Greek goddess of the same name, known from “The Odyssey”). It raises magic attack (+10), refinement and charisma (both +100), but reduces morality to 0. If Olive isn’t interested in Amulet, demon will offer 1000 gold coins instead. He is desperate enough to raise it to 1500 gold coins if she refuses yet again, but beware! Third refusal results in demon attacking Olive. If she loses, Cube will have to intervene and take our defeated girl home, without the pendant. 

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