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Characters to meet

In “Princess Maker 2” our daughter can meet varied array of people, who may have large impact on her fate. It’s a good idea to take a closer look on more important ones, which means a LOT of them.

Let’s start with Cube...

Cube is our butler. We don’t know how he meet our character or how old he is. What we know, though, is that he is a member of some magical race and that he is really good at... flying (which is quite useful for saving our little girl from trouble)

Royal court

Once per month our daughter can visit the royal palace.She can meet many people, but bear in mind that not every one of them is willing to talk to her. At least not at the beginning...

The guard - first character we can meet in the castle. At first he is the only person who will want to talk to Olive. To climb up the social ladder, our daughter needs to accumulate 40 popularity points. When it finally happens, guard will suggest talking with someone more important than him. High decorum is recommended to befriend guard.

Knight - slightly higher in hierarchy ;) If our daughter is not refined enough, he will refuse to talk to her. What can we do? Send her to the Protocol class, of course! After her refinement is high enough, the knight will become way more talkative. Some time later he’ll suggest meeting other people from the castle.

General - to impress this guy, decorum alone simply won’t cut it. To do that, she will need charisma! Dance lessons are great help in making Olive more charismatic. Higher charisma will award her with more popularity points from talking with the general.

Prime minister - intelligence, intelligence, with this guy it’s all about brains.  Being smart will not only grant Olive more popularity from discussions with prime minister, but also will win her his favor at dance competitions.

Archbishop - if Olive’s faith and decorum are good enough, she will befriend archbishop very quickly. If not, working in the church and attending theology lessons will make her believe more. Protocol lessons are also good, so she won’t embarass herself with lack of decorum.

Concubine - this lady is bored (can you blame her?), so she will happily talk with young and energetic Olive.  High conversation skill, which is most easily gained in bar work, will be of great use here.

Queen -  for the kingdom’s first lady temperament is the most important thing.  It is raised by doing housework.

King - he is the most important person in the kingdom, and it shows - talking with him gives Olive gigantic boost in popularity. Fighting skills are crucial in making King impressed with our daughter, although decorum is still needed. Unless we want to see Olive being kicked out from the castle, that is.

Jester - well, talking with him is somewhat risky - while yes, it will boost her sensitivity, it will also cause a major drop in her popularity (after all, it’s improper for a young noble lady to lollygag around with lowly jester.). However, if our daughter is visiting him often enough, he may have a gift for her...but well, that’s something for another story.

Young Officer - Olive can meet this mysterious blonde only on a single, special day every year - last day of January. His role in the game is fairly important, so it's good not to miss even a single meeting ;)

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