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Items - salesman

After gathering enough funds (usually about 2000 gold pieces), our household will be visited by mysterious salesman (yup, that guy on the picture on the left). He will offer some exclusive, rare... and expensive items.


Buxomize pill is a medicine for Olive’s lack of chest. If you want to make your daughter less depresed about her breast size, grab 1200 gold pieces from your pocket and buy her this pill.

Demon pendant - rumored to come from Desert...and if you want, Olive may investigate these rumours next time she visits that area. But only if you decided to pay salesman 1200 gold pieces for this demonic jewlery.

Siren Robe - as beatiful as revealing (which makes it unwearable for girls under age of 15 ), this dress will increase Olive’s charisma by 40 points with no drawbacks...unless you consider hefty price of 4000 gold pieces a drawback.

Spirit Ring - it seems that there is a connection between this ring and Water Spirits from oasis on the Desert. If Olive wants to know more, she will have check it for herself. And first step to doing that is buying this ring for 1000 gold pieces.

Unicorn’s Flute - a beautiful instrument made from a horn of supposedly mythical creature. It’s a good idea to take it to the Forest and try playing some melody... But hold your horses! You need to pay for it first... 1000 gold pieces.

Venus Jewels - magical jewelery that not only increases Olive’s refinement and charisma by 20 points, but also grants her bonuses on every birthday! And while this costs 1500 gold pieces, it’s certainly worth the prize.