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Items - other

Buying is not the only source of interesting items in Princess Maker 2. Some of unique things can only be won in the Harvest Festival, found during adventuring, or get as awards from magical patrons.  So, what can we take in our possesion?

Power Ring - if our Olive is practicing magic over and over, she will be visited by Faye, patron of magic users. After few meetings, she will award our daughter’s dedication with this ring, and well, it’s powerful indeed, granting our young sorceress infinite pool of magic points! This ring is worth 1000 gold pieces.

Perfect flour - if our daughter is dedicated to becoming greatest housewife in the world, she will be sooner or later awarded with this item by Domovoi, patron of housework. This gift will make cooking competition basically unlosable for Olive. Seems like pretty expensive thing? Wrong! It’s only worth 8 gold pieces.

Perfumes - real lady knows that in order to be truly refined you not only have to look brillantly, but also smell perfectly. Paimon also knows this, so if Olive is a refined lady, succesful at the royal court, Paimon will reward her with this gift, worth 800 gold pieces.

Valkria Sword - if Olive is fond of beating people into pulp and trains a lot, be prepared to make some tea for Valkria, who will visit your daughter from time to time, impressed with her dedication to martial arts. In the end, she will award Olive with her own sword, and well, that’s some nice sword indeed! +85 to combat attack, +10 to combat defense, +18 to combat skill? It’s certainly worth 5000 gold pieces!

Paradise Egg - main award in cooking competition. Can be used to prepare delicious meal (which nets 50 constitution points) or left as a thropy, which will result in quite nice surprise some time later; increasing sensitivity by 100 points is pretty nice, isn’t it? Egg is worth 1400 gold pieces.

Master Brush - main award in art exhibition. Will increase Olive’s skill in art by 50 points. Worth 2100 gold pieces.

Lady’s Ring - first award in dance party. It will increase Olive’s refinement by 25 points and is worth 2500 gold pieces.
Royal Sword - if our daughter kicks ass and chews bubblegum during combat tournament, king will give her this sword. And yes, this is no ordinary sword indeed! It increases Olive’s combat defense by 12 points. Such fine weapon also makes her way more refined, boosting her refinement by 50 points. It’s worth “only” 2500 gold pieces, but...don’t try to sell it.

Dragon Fang - Olive can find it in the chest located in the dragon ruins in the Desert. Increases fighter reputation by 20 points and is worth 2200 gold pieces.

Fairy Nectar - increases charisma by 10 points and is worth 200 gold pieces. Olive can put her hands on it using two methods - either finding it in one of chests in the Lake area, or looting it from unlucky friendly traveler. Obviously, second option is something only naughty girls would do.

Mermaid Tears - can be looted from corpse of Fishman, enemy that can be encountered around the Lake. It’s a rare drop tough, so don’t expect to get it everytime you murder a fishman! What can you do with these? Well, take Olive to the sea and see for yourself! I will give you a hint - it increases sensitivity by 20 points and charisma by 50 points, so think twice before you sell them. Even if that 950
                 gold pieces price tag is tempting.

Dragon Tighs - this time, it’s not exactly what it says on the tin, because this outfit contains something more than tighs. Not much though, so it’s pretty revealing. Olive will receive this set from elder wyrm after dragon decides that she indeed may have something worth being revealed. Dragon Tighs increase our daughter’s charisma by 28 points, boosts her magic defense by 12 points and are worth
                 1200 gold pieces.

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