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When it comes to getting married, “Princess Maker 2” offers our daughter some interesting possibilities ;) Besides “standard” marriages (with men like knights and merchants) Olive can have some quite different relationships... Below you can see her wedding pictures ;)

This is “default” picture - we’ll see it when our daughter marries a knight, a wizard, a merchand...

Do you see the crown on her head? Yes, this picture is shown when Olive marries prince ;)

This man is no one other than the young dragon met on Desert! Here in his human form, of course.

Well... It seems that our girl was quite naughty, because now she’s marrying the Prince of Darkness himself!

And here’s the misalliance! ;) Our little Olive is getting married to a butler ;)

Did I say anything about unsuitable relationships? ^^’ Now this is an inappropriate marriage! Our little Olive is getting married to...
her foster father ;) Shocked? I bet. Ech, those Japanese people... ;)