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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival plays big role in Princess Maker 2 - especially when it comes to making money. How to win and get the prize? In what competitions Olive can participate? Let's take a closer look on possibilities created by Harvest Festival in PM2 .

  • Cooking contest - it’s probably easiest competition to start with. If Olive wants to win, she needs a lot of sensitivity and cooking skills (which she can gain while working at restaurant).

    Winning first place nets:
    - 3000 gold pieces
    - 40 points of house reputation
    - Paradise Egg worth 1400 gold pieces (which you can cook, ignoring Olive’s objections, and raising her constitution in the process; or you can leave it alone and receive cute surprise some time later)
  • Art Festival - if our daughter created at least one painting, she may take part in art exhibition. While self-portrait gives her pretty big chances of winning, only Advent of Angels guarantees first place. What kind of painting will she make is determined by her sensitivity and skill in art when teacher asks her to paint something.

    Winning will net Olive:
    -4000 gold pieces
    -40 points of social reputation
    - Master Brush worth 2100 gold pieces and increasing her art by 50 points.
  • Dance Party - so you think Olive can dance? If so, remember that she also needs huge amount of constitution, charisma and skill in art to win. Luckily, all of these skills are increased during dance lessons, and constitution is also well augumented by properly picked diet, while protocol and poetry are good for boosting Olive’s affinity for art.

    Having favor of Prime Minister is also helpful - if our daughter impressed him enough, he will try his best to make sure she will obtain high place in the contest.

    While entering the party, Olive can pick one of dresses she owns and wear it. Each gown has different impact on the results, so maybe sending our daughter to the party in one of more revealing dresses may pay off. After she is grown up enough, of course, and can fit into it.

    Winning the Dance Party will net Olive:
    - 3000 gold pieces
    - 40 points of social reputation
    - Lady's Ring, worth 2500 gold pieces and increasing refinement by 25 points.

It's worth mentioning that second and third places also are awarded with money. But don’t get your hopes up for prizes of thousands gold pieces! Olive will get few hundreds at most, and no items or reputation. Still, Harvest Festival is worth a try.