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Due to the fact that I’m recieving lots of e-mails with questions about „Princess Maker 2” I decided to create a subpage where you can find answers to the ones that are asked most often. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, write to me: – I’ll try to help you out ;)

  • Technical problems

    1. While playing on Windows XP, I can’t hear anything - sound is gone! What should I do?
    2. Windows XP again. This time, game is lagging and sometimes simply refuses to work, shutting itse;f down. How do I remove this problem?

    In both cases, using DOS emulator DOSBOX should solve your problems (conveniently, you can pick it up in our Download section). Using DOSBox might seem complicated, so I will try to give you some tips here:

    Let’s say that our Princess Maker 2 is located on hard disc D, in folder PM 2, which is inside folder Games. Which means that our game is located under D:\Games\PM2\princess~1.exe, right? So, after we launch DOSBox, we input some commands:

    mount c d:\gry


    cd pm2


    After using these, PM2 should start in windowed mode. And if you are not a fan of windowed mode, make it fullscren size by simple spell of ALT+ENTER key combination. Done!

    3. Can I somehow speed up the game?

    Yes – just hold F3 – dialogues are going faster and our daughter gets the speed boost while performing her tasks ;)
  • Problems with the gameplay itself ;)

    1. My daughter can’t do anything right, she doesn’t earn money, what can I do?

    Be patient ;) Usually at the beginning of the game our little darling is terrible at everything, but it’s just a temporary thing. It’s good to send her to work on farm, in restaurant or as a babysitter. After a few months she gets better in it (for example, in restaurant it’s enough to have something like +50 cooking skill for Olive to start actually making money). It’s also good to ensure that Olive’ constitution is good – it reduces the negative effect of stress and helps her perform well at work.

    2. My daughter keeps running away from home! How do I make her stop?

    This issue is something many people is wondering about. The only thing I can say is that running away is influenced by star sign and blood type of our child. From my observation I can tell that Libres with blond type 0 are the least problematic. The worst were Capricorns with blood type B. Without doubt the frequency of running away is influence by Olive’s relations with her father and also by her age. When she’s older, she runs away less often – after she’s 15 the problem basically disappears.

    Attention: Crys, a dear member of our forums might have solved the problem ;) How? She kept her child’s sensitivity low (around 150) and made sure that Olive was always a little stressed.

    3. I’m in debt, my daughter works and is doing well, but I can’t afford sending her to school. How do I earn more money?

    That’s right, without money we can’t achieve much in “Princess Maker 2”. What should we do to avoid financial problems? I’ll provide you with a few hints useful in the game:
    - it might be suprising, but it’s good to choose robust diet at the beginning of the game. Feeding our child will cost 80 gold pieces per month but her constitution will improve greatly, which will help her work better. It’s good to choose October as our child’s birthday month – she’ll have an entire year to prepare herself for Harvest Festival.
    - set Olive’s schedule to: babysitting, working in restaurants, free time (without pocket money)
    - we repeat it until Olive has around 120 sensitivity points and 70-80 cooking skill. Usually it’s possible after 10 – 11 months.
    - we can take a risk and send our daughter to the Forest and/or to the Desert. Cube will protest sending Olive without any weapon or armor, but in the end he’ll allow her to go. What now?  Let our daughter wander around and open the crates, where you can find money and items. If she’s attacked by a monster, choose “hide” – if it notices her, try to flee. If that fails, too… Well, let’s hope that Cube will help. However, it’s all worth the risk, because most of the time Olive will arrive home safe and sound… and richer.
    - it’s Harvest Festival time! Olive should already have high sensitivity and great cooking skills. Let’s send her to a cooking contest. If everything goes according to plan, she’ll win the main prize – 3000 gold pieces. It’s enough for now, isn’t it? All during the first year!
             4. If our daughter gets a little nasty during her adventures, she’s arrested by the guards. How to avoid that?

             The solution was thought up by Crys (thank you, you’re great! :*): you just need to make sure her stress is on 0 during adventures.