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“Princess Maker 2” is full of surprises. Most of them is covered in appropriate sections, so here you can find some useful informations which weren’t fitting to put into other categories.

  • Role of sensitivity - this attribute is pretty important game-wise. Not only it’s crucial in determining Olive’s ability to see unseen (for example, fairies), but also:
    - ability to communicate with monsters and stop them from attacking her (they’re probably soothed with her voice)
    - ability to find items during adventures (sensitive daughter will from time to time spot items (like gold or grenades) on the ground)

  • Role of stress - this attribute not only has impact on the game, but also at achieving certain endings! Important things to know:
    - stress can be lowered by: taking Olive on vacations, giving her some time for herself, pocket money, eating in restaurant
    - too high level of stress is dangerous for health, especially in case of younger Olive, and can cause sickness. It also may be source of deliquence.
    - side effects of stress can be avoided if Olive’s constitution is high enough. The highter her constitution is, the higher is her stress threshold, too.
    - ending game with too much stress will prohibit some of best endings, for example: ruling queen.
    - it seems that being stressed is required to fall in love. If she isn’t stressed enough , she won’t be enamored.

  • Impact of being in love, if we’re already talking about that ;) When Olive falls in love, she’ll change her face expression (she’ll be blushing) and for addition she’ll get a little silly ;) Which means that she’ll find it difficult to concentrate, both on work and school, even if she had no problems whatsoever until now.

  • Improving relations with potential love interests:
    - prince - if you want Olive to have good relations with him, just make sure that she will regularly go on their dates (which means visiting him on last day of January every year)
    - Cube - things that improve our daughter’s relationship with Cube are: attending Harvest Festival (after all, he is he accompanies her to it), making our loyal butler take care of her during sickness and rescuing Olive from dangers she may face while adventuring.
    - father - common belief is that all you need to do is to go on vacations with Olive often; but I observed that inviting her to restaurant, buying her presents "just so" and talking to her often also helps a lot.

  • Daughter’s reputation impact on...prices - the higher is our daughter’s popularity, the less she has to pay in shops, restaurant or hospital. You may say it’s a celebrity discount.

  • Deliquency - when our daughter starts acting naughty, trouble begins. We already know that. However, while she will refuse to work and won’t get paid during her rebellious period (nobody will give moneys for doing nothing!), her attributes will still go up. She will also learn normally in the school.