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Education plays a really important part in raising our girl – it widely determines who she will become when she grows up ;)

We can choose from the four options:

  • School

An ordinary school, which increases our daughter’s intelligence. In addition, Maria will also gain magic points. What is important, her education at school has three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. To get to another level,  she is required to pass an exam.

  • Refinement class

Under the wings of an expert, our daughter will learn how to shine in high society.

  • Fighting school
Thanks to the masters of fighting, Maria will learn how to successfully deal with her opponents. This school also has three levels of advancement: to get to another level Maria is required to beat her current master.
  • Adventures
To gain experience and knowledge Maria can go for adventures. She will meet monsters, discover treasures and by the way – get richer ;)

Below you can see pictures of our daughter in different schools (school, good manners school, fighting school)