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Characters to meet

In game, we meet array of varied characters, who might have larger or smaller impact on our daughter's fate. The majority of the kingdom’s citizens will be happy to either engage in conversation with Maria, compliment her, or quite to the contrary, maul her (everything depends on what kind of scamp our parenting policy has produced so far ;))

Once per month, Maria can also visit the royal castle and talk with its residents. Higher refinement means higher chances that the most important people in kingdom will grant her the pleasure of audience.

  The guard is the first person Maria can talk to.



  Next person on the “to talk with” list is Chief of The Guard.



  Meeting with the General is serious business!



  This grim man is the Prime Minister, one of the most respected people in the kingdom.


  King’s wife - the queen. It’s better if our daughter is really well - mannered, or else she might make some grievious mistakes in front 
  of her majesty!

  And finally, head of the state, the king himself. It’s the most important character Maria can meet during her visits to royal castle.