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Just like school, work will greatly influence our daughter’s character. It is the most important factor deciding about her choice of a life path. It’s also worth noticing that the family budget depends mostly on Maria. Father, who is the character we are playing in this game, is a retired war hero, receiving yearly salary of 500 pieces of gold. That’s not enough for twelve months of feeding the child, not to mention education and holidays. There is no choice but to make our daughter used to work from her early childhood.

Let’s take closer look at the professions available for our daughter:

  • Working at inn

    Our kid is cleaning the inn, which has a positive effect on her hit points, but decreases her magic points
  • Working in church

    Helping the nuns  positively affects the morality of our daughter.
  • Working as copyist

    Maria helps copying manuscripts. Thanks to that, she gains intelligence, but it doesn’t do any good to her strength…
  • Working in armory

    Perfect place to introduce our daughter to basics of weapons and combat. Maria doesn’t only increase her intelligence, but also combat skill.
  • Working as lumberjack

    Chopping wood with an axe  without doubt  increases our daughter’s strength. However, this profession reduces her charm and refinement.
  • Work in a hospital

    As an assistant to the town medic, our daughter greatly improves her intelligence, but she loses strength and her hit points doesn’t have any chance of increasing . Quite to the contrary -  they drop.
  • Working as a maid

    As a maid in one of the town’s best inns,  Maria will gain refinement.
  • Working in a quarry

    Crushing the rocks is a great way to develop muscle ;) Our daughter earns more hit points, but while losing intelligence…
  • Working as a hunter

    Hunting is an amazing opportunity to improve our daughter’s  tenacity and combat skill, but it has a terrible effect on refinement. After all, a real lady should not run through the forest, shooting deers…
  • Working in pub

    Serving drinks to the customers is a good way to increase charisma… but not necessarily to improve our daughter’s refinement.
  • Working in the club

    Keeping the male customers company – our daughter gains charisma, but her refinement and reputation decreases greatly.
  • Just like in the club, Maria gains charisma, while losing refinement and reputation. This is most certainly not a proper occupation for a real lady!