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Harvest Festival

It happens once in a year. It’s time when the citizens of the kingdom can participate in various [uroczystości], games and competitions. Of course, our little girl may also try to seize the prizes.

We can choose from:
  • Beauty pageant - if our daughter has enough charm, she might defeat her rivals and obtain the title of ‘Miss of Lunar Kingdom’ (I wonder where did this name come from?) There is also an alternative way to win - “simply” by buying citizens’ votes. But beware, they aren’t cheap!

    Here are the rivals of our daughter:

  • Martial arts tournament - during this competition, our cute little girl can test her abilities to whack people in the head gained during trainings in school and adventures in kingdom’s neighborhood.

    Combat-oriented Maria is going to face these enemies:  

Winning competitions is quite different from, say, winning them in Princess Maker 2. We won’t get richer or gain any shiny items; our only gain will be boost in our daughter’s self confidence.