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Daughter - Maria

As we know, Maria is an orphan, whose parents had died during the demons’ attack on the kingdom (of course, before starting the game we can change her name to any other we want). We are going to take care of Maria for eight years – she arrives in our home when she’s a ten year old child and leaves as eighteen years old maiden.

The most important information about our child are presented in a set of stats:



In the top left corner we can find the following:

  • sex – female, of course ;)
  • star sign – in this case, Capricorn
  • blood type – A (it’s worth noticing that in Asian culture blood type is very important, it influences one’s character as much as the star sign)
  • birthday – we have to choose the date before we start playing
  • age  - the current age of our little darling
  • height – the current height
  • weight – the current weight
  • popularity – the factor showing whether our child is known in the kingdom
  • amount of money we have

Another important box is the one in the middle of the screen. Here we can see:

  • constitution – our daughter’s general health
  • strength
  • intelligence
  • refinement
  • determination
  • stress
  • charisma
  • morality
  • earned money
  • experience
  • combat skill
  • agility
  • combat defense
  • combat attack
  • hit points (HP)
  • magic points (MP)

Our daughter’s stats are not only influenced by school, work or items. Talking with Maria can also cause change in some of the parameters. As we were informed by member of our forums, iczanka, the following options of conversation will lead to:

1. Decreasing determination
2. Increasing determination
3. Increasing morals