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Princess Maker in english

Some of you may rub your eyes and exclaim, that it’s impossible. And yet, it isn’t! There really is a way to play „Princess Maker” in English. If you have the Japanese version of „PM” and can’t stand its „bushes”, but you don’t exactly feel like poring over dictionaries, read this guide made by Xen0n (Xen, thanks for sending it!):

Xen0n’s Guide

First of all, you have to provide yourself with the following programs:
- AGTH Anime Games Text Hooker (
This program pulls the Japanese text out from the game.
- ATLAS "English-Japanese/Japanese-English Translation Software ATLAS Translation Double Pack"
- You should also install files for East Asian languages at your system.   
Having everything installed, let’s start configuring the AGTH:
1. Launch the game. Then press alt+ctrl+del buttons – a window should pop up. There will be some option charts in the window. Choose the “Applications” chart and find the running game on the list. Then click on it with right mouse button and choose “Go to the process” option. You should be shifted to the “Process” chart. The process we’re looking for will be highlighted – remember its PID number accurately.  
To see the PID number choose “View” -> “Select columns…” -> and mark “PID (Process Identifier)”
2. Create a shortcut for agth.exe
3. In the shortcut’s properties, in the “Target” field,  add "/c /p###" at the end (without quotation marks) where ### is the PID number you have earlier remembered. It should look e.g. like this:  "C:\Program Files\AGTH\agth.exe" /c /p252   
Save and launch the AGTH through the shortcut. When a window pops up, try doing something in the game – AGTH should download some text from the game. Now choose from the unrolling toolbar the option that “produces” Japanese symbols.
In the end run Quick ATLAS - one of the programs from the ATLAS Translation Pack. After you start it, it should appear in the trey (next to the clock). Click on it with right mouse button and select "Automatic Clipboard Translation". That’s it. Enjoy the simultaneous translation!

!! Every time you run the game, its PID changes and you have to give the correct one in AGTH !!